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I love panties and have built up a nice little collection over the years.i started wearing lingerie in my teens, my mother had some really sexy stuff and really good quality. Whenever I was home alone I’d dress up, it felt so naughty.
There was all kinds of stuff, silky suspenders, crotchless panties and bodysuits.
My favourite panties were a pink and black satin crotchless pair. Lingerie made me so hard and horny and I loved jerking off while dressed up.
When I left home i needed to fill my needs and I’d borrow my housemates girlfriends and cum in them. I started to take them as trophies from every girl that I fucked, sometimes I’d ask if I could wear their panties and some girls would ask me to dress up. when I was in relationships I’d buy my girlfriend’s sexy stuff that I would also like to wear. I’ve taken panties from housemates, my friends girlfriends, I once went to a party at my bosses house and stole her panties.