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    For me there are so many beautiful sexy women in Hollywood who make me want to be more feminine and become the biggest sissy possible. Dua Lipa, Hailee Steinfeld, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears (seeing Brit in her sexy pink lingerie performing “Breathe On Me during her Onyx Hotel Tour as a teen was the 1st time I ever wanted to wear lingerie), Angela White, Madonna, Dani Daniels, Elizabeth Olsen, Demi Moore, Elizabeth Hurley, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue just to name a few are the women I most want to be like.

    Then there are fictional women who get my sissy/girly juices flowing. Jessica Rabbit, Red Hot Riding Hood from the 1940s Tex Avery cartoons where the Wolf goes crazy over her lol, Elizabeth Hurley as the Devil in Bedazzled and her role as the Queen in The Royals, Cameron Diaz’s character Natalie Cook from the 2000s Charlie’s Angels movies was so cute and bubbly and 2 Demi Moore characters: Erin Grant from Striptease and Madison Lee from Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Madison Lee is the sexiest villain in movie history and her Alpha bitch energy is so captivating, strong and sexy.

    So how about you guys are there any famous women or female characters who make you want to be more sissy and feminine?


    Very much! I first dressed up in my mom’s clothes after watching Bette Davis. It was Now Voyager and she wears so many fine things in that movie. I don’t know, afterwards I found myself wondering about wearing womens clothes. So I went into my moms closet and started playing with her clothes…….and that one drawer in the dresser……..mmmmmmmm mommies panties……


    Harley Quinn
    Daisy Duke
    Pamela Anderson
    Lots of 80s and 90s “bimbo” characters that I can’t think of right now


    Oh yes..! M.M. of course; B.B. & C.C.; Jane Fonda… But mostly Amanda Lear. She realy flipped my top. The outrage she started in our family. Ha..! Everyone was so baffled when she appeared on tv with Follow Me and lead to huge controversy! Yet I was too young to make any decission (I was 7 or 8 or so) And my mom wouldn’t hear of any such nonsence, eventough mom caught me searching in her pantydrawer wearing her pantyhose and babydoll often enough. Other wise, I certainly would have followed Amanda. And now I’m too old. So my advise to those having sevond thoughts about going into transition is..; DON’T LET ANYONE STOP YOU FROM CHASING YOUR MOST HEARTFELD DREAM! You WILL regret it if you let yourself be held down by the narrowminded conservative scared ‘Devolutionists that want the world to turn backwards, being affraid of every next second. You go, gurl..! DO IT..!!!
    REMEMBER THIS; This day and age may be just the 21st century, but we ARE already 23 years in the 3rd MILLENIUM…!

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