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    Being caught by young women while wearing girls panties and training bra. They make me do a fashion show for them and laugh and giggle about my panties and tiny cock. Ultimately they decide to humiliate me further by pissing on me then feeling a bit guilty jerk my cock off with just two fingers like a clitty.


    Being caught in bra and panties under my clothes and he pulls down my pants and i smile at him and we go to his car where i suck him for a bit then he fucks me cums in me and then sends me on my way and we both are satisfied


    Being tied and gagged(tape or cleave) in gurly outfit to feel like real damsel in distress 🙂


    1} be seduced by a mature ,elegantly fem woman
    2)get lingerie wearing lessons from my mom(garter-belts/girdles)
    3)A mom /neighbor to act as a lingerie shopping “chaparone” to her fav botique,where her lady friend takes me into her fitting room & strips/donates her panties to me/asks me to do my JO homework & report. She is eager to share her bed with me later.
    4)recv my 1st “anal-cum-union” from a skilled,gentle but firm TOP after a extended session/lesson(3-some prefered)
    5)swallow multiple CUM-LOADS
    7butt-toy “dialation” ritual


    To b the best sissy ever


    I would love to have a “harem” of Muscular,well hung studs (10″+) to take care of my cock addiction, at least 6 at a time.2in my mouth,1 in each hand,and 2…you know where?


    Where do I sign up?


    I would love to get used by a group men for hours. One after another, I want fucked in my mouth and boipussy till I’m covered in cum both inside and out.

    Jeffrey Stonejeffrey stone

    Hey guys.. after dozens of times I still have a fetish for annonomus walk ins ! It’s so fun having my skinny hips grabbed tight from behind ! Love a quick in and out visit ! Sext 262.716.9913 anytime ! I love sharing selfies and hard cock ! Thanks so much ! Jeffrey.


    1) seduced by mature women,neighbor,mom
    2)wearing,modeling mom’s garters/girdles
    3)mom as chaparone for lingerie shopping
    4) recving 1st “anal cum-union”
    5) sucking/swallowing multi-cum loads


    To have a lingerie party with sexy mature girls and gurls, and have some play time of course


    Love to revisit this:
    I remember me and a mate use to go on porno mag hunts….and one day I came up on a stash without him, but days later he popped round to see them….I got call down stairs for some reason and when I came back I noticed through the gap in the door my mate was wanking to the mags…..I walked in quietly and he looked up and not a bit bother….he said want to join me so I kneeled beside him and we took turns in turning over the pages as we wanked…..at some point he reached across and took hold of my cock and finished me off over the magazine. We then what seemed like a long hot summer of 1987 we wanked each other off hundreds of times not just to porn, but if we were playing say in the park he would say in a very nonchalant way fancy a wank then we would pop into the bushes and wank each other off standing up….cumimg on the grass…..once he did wank me off and just as I came he wrapped his lips around my cock and drank the lot….but we never did that again or spoke of it….we still did wank after that but as we got girls friends it just stopped….but will never forget that summer of porno hunts and wanks….


    To follow on from our hot summer and the first time I wore lingerie:
    I remember as well we once found a load of underwear…white stockings, black stockings and suspender belts with matching panties and bras.
    I would try them on and wank, I remember “colin” my mate did find me fully dressed and wanking to a girl dressed similar to me in the mags…..He told me to put my cock back in the panties (hard to do with a hard on) he made me walk around as he wanked…we sat together and wanked each other he just pulled my panties aside and stroked my cock till I came over my stockinged thighs…..he then stood up and wanked between my legs then with big thick globs of spunk he came on my panties…..later once he had left I removed the panties and licked his thick spunk off them as I wanked I imagined him cumimg in my mouth.


    Caning a cute cross dresser on the bottom with a school stick. She’s wearing school uniform and sheer blue panties. She pisses in her panties when she sees the stick. The stick really stings and her hot, throbbing sore bum makes her cry.


    Wearing thongs while a guy rubs his cock on my asshole and another guy sticking hia cock in my mouth and we are all wearing thongs while my wife video tapes us then we all start fucking her

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 63 total)
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