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    At 66 I suspect I am qualified as a senior sissy


    i’m a passable 60 year old maybe thats why i prefer younger gurls


    hi recently divorced str8 61yo, exploring a new side to myself, love that places like this exist so i can convince myself i am not a freak thankyou


    I’m so new to this. Love wearing my wife’s panties… that’s as far as I’ve got. Please text me for inspiration. Petex


    I am very new to this. Love wearing my wife’s panties…it feels right. That’s as far as I’ve got. Please message me with inspiration. Petex


    64YO and love to dress in the sexiest and sluttiest outfits. Particularly like stockings and heels with something sheer…I am a total sissy slut when dressed and would love to share that with another likeminded sissy…feel free to hit me up if that sissy is you!?


    58 years young and love to dress feminine and walk around in the forest and I’m still hoping to get caught by the right man to make his sex slave for the day or longer.


    60 years old and still want sex all the time.
    Definitely Bi but haven’t sucked a cock in 30 years. Never had a real dick in my “man cunt” either.
    That said, my wife and I used to do a lot of dildo play, getting pegged is great!
    Unfortunately, she has become disabled a while back and has zero interest in any sex.
    I would do Panty Play off and on since I was in my teens.
    But the past few years I only think of Cock, in my hand, mouth, and ass. Wearing a Bra and Panties makes me feel super sexy.
    I have to get together with another CD. But that’s my fantasy and I hope it happens soon.
    Actually, my biggest fantasy is two CD spitroasting me.

    I also have a big thing for man-tit play. My real, natural tits are probably big enough to get titty fucked and I want that bad!


    67yo been crossdressing long as i can remember … tall fit and not passable so i live the pantyboy life, out in the middle of nowhere so this forum reminds me we got friends somewhere


    Love your passion and drive keep that going and so you my friend

    Vicky DickieVicky Dickie

    66 yrs. Stole girls panties from their drawers as I grew up. Married in ’80. Still am. In ’83 Got caught wearing the panties of the girl she found me in bed with. We agreed I could wear panties as long as I didn’t have any more affairs. Had a drawer full afterwards. In ’07 we had a big fight and I admitted to fully crossdressing and having anonymous sex. We separated for awhile. She let me return as long as I purged my panty collection and attended sex addicts anonymous. I went for @10 yrs because I liked the guys but never broke the urge to CD. I’ve secretly replaced and enhanced my lingerie and outfits and dress after she’s in bed and when I go out shopping alone. She has spotted evidence when I’m not careful. I think now she would rather not know.

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)
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