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    Mariuccia Slavemariuccia slave

    Mariuccia tiny clitty


    That is a pretty tiny clitty.

    Jennifer LoveJennifer Love

    Yes, it is. But I have always had a desire to sick off small cities like this. Some of my most wonderful and satisfying orgasms have been after I’ve sucked off a small one and nade him cum in my mouth. I can also say that a snall clip gas nothing to do with the volume that it can produce. I’ve had to swallow fast to varch it all. One time I was ching and gagging as my mouth was filled to the point where my cheeks were bulged out. More and more kept coming until it was leaving out around my mouth which had that erect Clifty in it. Trying to swallow, the pressure forced some out of my nostrils. I wish I had that recorded, it was a great blowjov. More even for me than him.

    He was married and had four children, so it abviously didn’t slow him down muvh. I was able to suck him off three days in a row and he oflverfulled every time. If I could find him again I’d love to do it again. He was a high school music teacher and said he had several young hot cocks he could suck off frequently. And they’d do him, too.

    He was uncircumcised like in this picture, which added to the sensation in my mouth.

    You dress up a guy like that in some black nylons high heeks, and a dress barely covering his panties – – mmm-mmm, sign me up!!

    Apologies for any typos, tiny screen, middle of the night

    Jennifer, taking matters into my oqn hands after typing this…


    Mine is also very tiny. Put it this way there isn’t ennoough there to even make a bulge in my panties. For the last few years it seems to be shrinking a tiny bit month after month though I am not doing anything to facilitate this, at least not intentionally.


    I find small/ tiny cocks (clitties) to be very attractive & extremely sexy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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