Random pics with guys wearing her lingerie

Hello again you who love women’s panties, pantyhose, stockings and bras as well as all the other elements of a woman’s underwear!If you like to dress her comfortable knickers, sexy thongs, or white as snow bras then meet other which like you, excites their wearing her underwear.
We have for you another random pics of guys which hard with excitement, cocks, are packed in tight girls panties.
Enjoy! And if you have your photos or videos that you want to show off to other then send them to us. Click banner below this post.

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Originally posted onNovember 11, 2014 @ 6:29 pm

9 thoughts on “Random pics with guys wearing her lingerie

  1. Stevie is so happy with You’s lot I walked out the door today In just my bras&knickers on threw my jacket on a didn’t relize I’m in my bras &knickers

  2. I ? cdsissy.com !! Such a skinnny submissive cute thong and boyshort guy here for you !! Lets sext !! 262-716-9913.

  3. Ok boys I really like wearing panties. Me boy too.
    First you need ones that are comfortable and that fit. Then go for pretty. Either in color fabric or design. Hi cuts work best any stretch fabric with full breif works as well.
    However they are making lots of boy panties for boys
    THAT’s RIGHT!!!! Real boy panties that fit and look great. I use Nasty dress.com or Wyzman.com nasty dress has lots of really cute not pretty but really cute boys panties for boys. While Wyzman has plain but great styles an fabric.
    If however you want women’s panties up scale department stores. Are the best bet. What you save is time. However I have no problem going from store to store spending all day lady panty shopping.
    But I usually get panties that don’t fit very well.
    THE BIG QUESTION how to get everything your looking for. Pretty panties. Go to eBay find a seamstress that will make them for you. Send her pictures of panties you like and with a little time you’ll have a very pretty lady’s panty collection that fits. Plus you get the butt anyway you like. Me 3/4 back or less. I want my panties to fit like panties.
    Thanks for reading your sincere sissy boy.

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