Ricca Devianna: love & kisses from an authentic sissy

Ricca Devianna: Marching Forward… 2+ years on hormones. Is 57 sexy? Been awhile since I’ve last been here, love & kisses from an authentic sissy.

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16 thoughts on “Ricca Devianna: love & kisses from an authentic sissy

  1. Welcome indeed. I suspect many have missed you a great deal. I love your looks… a beautiful smile, careful dressing, very appealing figure, gorgeous breasts and yes…… you are a beautiful girl. I love these. Hope you will stay for a while? Thank you, very much!?

  2. Hi x, you look beautiful ?. You should be so proud of yourself xxx. You look confident and adorable wearing your choice of jaw dropping pics you have shown us girly guys x. In a respectful manner I adore your beautiful breasts that I hope you proudly see in bras I have no doubt love men talking to as you flirt and encourage and you probably have the lesbian attraction as well as I hope your preference loving Gay men. Your fantastic and make me smile I’m Gay now x

  3. Thank you for your reply. Lovely to “ hear” your thoughts too. Not just a beautiful face and body, but a gorgeous mind and soul too!! Lovely to meet you !!

    1. May I say it’s so nice the beautiful manners expressed by all comments. Proud to be part of this lovely thread over a beautiful woman that shows how confident and caring soul expressed by amazing pictures xxx ???

  4. What a reference we have given you??. I think you have made a wonderful impression. Thank you- you have provided much pleasure for us all. Looking forward to more, Ricardo.
    Btw, the chat has always been slow . There is more life in viewing and replying?.
    Have fun.

    1. Whew… reading that had my clitty throbbing in my cage. I’m flattered by the attention, not something I expected, but exciting and nice none the less. Thank you Phillip. ?‼

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