Sam: love to play. anyone like to join me?


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    9 thoughts on “Sam

        1. Good morning sweetie. Love all those pretty pictures you and your panties and that long thick hard cock is so beautiful I just want to lick you from your crack to the tip of your cock and then watch it explode come all over my lips chin in mouth I would love to feel that thick hard cock in my pussy chat me up later. Look for Barbie call out for blue panties and I will answer XO XXX

        2. Can we start all over I’m just learning how to do this want to come out of the closet so bad I need all the help I can get I love my new life as a sissy I feel like I can trust you. Are you interested in helping me become a girl sissy

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            2. Good morning Sammy I’m here now love all your pictures especially the ones what’s a long hard cock yum you have the most beautiful ass I want to look from your balls to your pussy hole on i want 2 lick your panties clean bury my cock in your wet pussy till I fill it full of cum and then lick your pussy clean oh yeah bab.xxxBarbi

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