Silkndick: Wearing My sexy red for Saturday night… my skirt wouldn’t stay down, I’m such a horny gurl


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    5 thoughts on “Silkndick

      1. So love red lace knickers on a man , red bra and belt and knickers was first colour I wore at 12 . So nice that I had to comment x

    1. Boy oh boy Gnna was right, I’d totally love to play with you!!! Hot, that doesn’t even come close to what you are…… Sexy, smoking, sizzling, and sensuous are closer.
      Could I be a good play partner? I’d sure give you my “all” till I couldn’t move a muscle, till I didn’t have a drop of cum left in me, till I couldn’t get my cock up anymore. (Mind you were talking a good 8 hours now at least.) So the question is…… Can you take it for that long? Can you punish my body with your weapon of lust that long too? (Would my body take that weapon, that long?) I’m damn sure it would be fun to find out!!

      Now how do we get both you and Ginna together at the same time to attack me? Somehow I just haven’t gotten over my lust for threesomes…..LOL

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