The terms and conditions for uploading photos and videos

The terms and conditions for uploading photos and videos

1. Uploaded photos and videos must be crossdressing or sissy themed. Photos or videos that you upload must be of good quality – clear, good resolution, etc.

2. By submitting your photo or video, you are stating that you are the owner of that media and you agree to their publication on the site where they will be visible to the public.

3. It is forbidden to publish things such as:
– private information such as: surname, phone number, address
– pictures and videos which are not your property and for which you have no permission to publish them
– pictures and videos of scat, gay anal sex, sex and scenes with under-aged people, pictures and videos showing sado-maso scenes

4. In order protect your privacy we do not show your face. You can use a hat, glasses, makeup, scarf, etc. to cover your face, or you can cut your face out of a photo in a graphics program (Paint, Irfanview, Photoshop, Gimp, etc.).

5. Publication of photos and videos is intended for adults only

6. The person posting the photos or videos has the option to remove the material after contacting the administration of

7. While sending photos you should add at least 3 photos, otherwise the publication may be delayed. It takes from a few minutes to a few hours for your pictures or video to be published. If your post has not been published after 24 hours, it probably wasn’t in compliance with these rules and will not be published.

8. Pictures are published after approval of the moderator. This usually takes a few hours. If you want faster publication and additional profits – contact us.

9. Repeated requests to remove your entries without a valid reason may result in the blocking of your ability to post new posts.