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    Has or do you crossdress in from of family members? Would you if you could?
    I live with my mother in law, my wife passed a year ago. I would show the mil some of my things but now I dress and show her almost everything, some panties r just to small or revealing. I wear nighties, bras with cups stuffed. I luv it and she doesn’t care.


    While my girlfriend has known that I am a crossdresser and bisexual, I used to be very discreet when dressing as a female. Now I am quite open about it. Like many, we now work from home. She will lay out the clothes she wants me to wear each day. Usually each morning we are in the bathroom together putting on our makeup. It’s so liberating to be open about it. While we still have great sex, she allows me to have a friend over occasionally so I can swallow some cum or take a nice hard cock up my ass. At times she will watch or even participate. She likes when my friend cums on her pussy and then makes me lick it up. It drives her insane.


    my first wifes mom knew, saw me dressed several times, my wife took me around town, had me walk the streets on her Domme weekends


    I always wore panties and it was normal for my kids to see me in panties. They never thought anything of it. One day I was dressed in skirt, stockings and blouse and my eldest came home unexpectedly. She was 8. Took no notice. Like it was no surprise.

    After that I wore skirts and it was just normal to them.

    After my wife died and I was a single Dad, I crossed dressed all the time. The eldest was 15 at that time. She helped me find nice stuff she thought I might look good in. Not typically behaviour of teens who die of embarrassment when their parents are being normal! But my kids were never typical.

    Today they are all fine with it. But I never had to tell them to keep it a secret to the outside world. What happens at home stays there.


    My aunt started dressing me up when I was very young and I did that for her many years I guess why I still love to do it so much I always felt like her little sissy femboy


    I regularly wear panties and fancy underwear. I always have and I e been confident about it. Been married 20 years and have two kids. It’s just my underwear and that’s what I would say if they said anything. Grew up with a major underwear kink which turned in to a panty/lingerie kink.


    I so wish I dared do that with my mum in law. I have been flashing her for several years, Panties, naked, chastity (That got a strange look). Then we had the covid break (She lives across a national border) and this June she seemed way less interested.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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