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    Kim MajikKim Majik

    If you are a bi or gay crossdresser do you spit swallow allow the person to cum in your ass?

    If I know the person I do both. If it’s a random hook up hell no.

    Very careful about that for the most part. 1 time I let a stranger cum in me.

    And the first bi time I had with my friend he came in me the first time. Since he did it once I let him every time.

    Love giving blow job and swallowing as well. That I do even to a stranger


    All my dates are random hook ups, no steady bf. So absolutely that rascal is wrapped if we have intercourse. But I do love giving bjs! Where his cum goes depends on the situation. i ADORE a nice facial and wearing cum. I will swallow but cant say I love it. I never spit..seems rude. I will on occasion keep it in my mouth followed quickly by a sip of wine!

    Some day I hope to experience cum in my pussy….but honestly, is it any different for us gals?


    I always swallow and since the advent of pREP I do allow men up me bare. There is just something about it, hard to explain but it makes me feel more feminine when a man ejaculates inside me – like I have been properly impregnated. Taking pREP (along with all the Hep vaxxes) however should not negate the need for regular check ups and even those who only have ‘protected’ sex should be aware that the are certain STIs you can still contract even with condoms so regular checks for the more sexually promiscuous of us are essential. Many people are totally unaware they even have an STI and it is a shame because most are easily treated. I think often it is more the stigma about going to a clinic that stops people which is crazy really in these days as it could really help in eliminating a lot of STIs.
    Sorry getting to sound like a lecture now

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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