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    Kim MajikKim Majik

      At a grocery store. I bought some new french cut panties that have lace in the front. I hadn’t noticed that the lace was sorta visable thru my shorts.

      You can see the outline of it in certain shorts I wear. I was at the store picking up a few things and this lady comes up to me and says can I ask a personal question without you being offended?

      I said sure. She asks are you wearing ladies panties? I answered yes as I plan on coming out fully soon. She was curvy as well. She then says you got them from lane bryant right? I asked how did you know either of those things. She says cause you can see the outline of the lace thru your shorts and I have on the very same kind. French Cut.

      So I said what color? She said purple yours? Peach.

      So kinda caught


        what a lovely encounter!

        Kim MajikKim Majik

          I bought a skirt off lane bryant site a few weeks ago and it was too large. So I took it back to the store. The sales lady knew right away it was for me. We looked for the right size and she whispered its for you isn’t it? I said yup. She said try a 26/28

          Stella StilettoStella Stiletto

            I love that she told you the color of hers. so nice and very erotic xxx

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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