12 thoughts on “Sissy Patricia in her new panties, stockings and garter

  1. its real sexy when you have your cock is hidden behind your tiny thongs, but when you take it out….mmm…im about to cum

  2. That is so fucking HOT! Looks like your fat throbbing cock is starting too drip! I wish you would touch yourself until your balls suck up tight and your fat sexy cock shoots a load of sweet hot jizz! I love to see that! Better yet let me suck you off and swallow your hot sweet spunk!!! P.S your new panties are very sexy!

  3. Your fat shaved dripping cock is so fuckin sexy! Love your new garter belt panties also!

  4. Im tierd of just tease pics of your fat dripping sexy cock How can we hook up Let me suck and shoot your sexy fat dripping cock ?

  5. As others have said, that is so hot. Those panties didn’t stand a chance when that cock got hard!!! Putting that aside, the lingerie really is beautiful (as is the shaving job).

  6. so hot. I would love to see more of you in panties. maybe we can work out to send pictures

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