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Jennifer LoveJennifer Love

Southeast Virginia. I started when I found my aunt’s party dress. It fu me wonderfully, it was black taffeta and had layer of crinoline so the skirt. Flared out. My penis was instantly rock hard and I think I ejaculated in about 45 sec. I must have emptied a cup of semen. I sneaked back into her house ivery day for a few weeks. It was wonderful and I was hooked.

Now 75 and loving it more but with wife #4 I have to be careful. y Yes the other 3 we’re because I was caught or found out, ok lus another 6-year relationship. That ended when her daughter (cute, petite, sexy) fought a picture of me in her panties, erect and weeping. Busted. They were both hot and mom was quite the enthusiastic fuck. Multi-orgasmic which was a big turn on.

More later! Lots of stories to tell.