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60 years old and still want sex all the time.
Definitely Bi but haven’t sucked a cock in 30 years. Never had a real dick in my “man cunt” either.
That said, my wife and I used to do a lot of dildo play, getting pegged is great!
Unfortunately, she has become disabled a while back and has zero interest in any sex.
I would do Panty Play off and on since I was in my teens.
But the past few years I only think of Cock, in my hand, mouth, and ass. Wearing a Bra and Panties makes me feel super sexy.
I have to get together with another CD. But that’s my fantasy and I hope it happens soon.
Actually, my biggest fantasy is two CD spitroasting me.

I also have a big thing for man-tit play. My real, natural tits are probably big enough to get titty fucked and I want that bad!