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Vicky DickieVicky Dickie

66 yrs. Stole girls panties from their drawers as I grew up. Married in ’80. Still am. In ’83 Got caught wearing the panties of the girl she found me in bed with. We agreed I could wear panties as long as I didn’t have any more affairs. Had a drawer full afterwards. In ’07 we had a big fight and I admitted to fully crossdressing and having anonymous sex. We separated for awhile. She let me return as long as I purged my panty collection and attended sex addicts anonymous. I went for @10 yrs because I liked the guys but never broke the urge to CD. I’ve secretly replaced and enhanced my lingerie and outfits and dress after she’s in bed and when I go out shopping alone. She has spotted evidence when I’m not careful. I think now she would rather not know.