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    God I started wearing panties at age 7, with my sisters cheerleader panties. Then I found a yellow training bra that I had to try of course and that was my start. Been almost 55 yrs later and still wearing them……along with everything else every now and then. I am with Alan, my wife knows about my panties but nothing else.


    I’ve been addicted since I was 13 maybe. Stole a couple things from Walmart. Just the feel of them was awesome then I put a pair on. Man did that make my dick jump! Borrowed my sisters for years and took a few. Bought some of my own and borrowed some from various places when the opportunity arose. My wife knows and buys then for me occasionally. But I still have my stash. I don’t wear every day I’d be risky and my wife only likes it when we are gonna sex. But every now and again I have the urge to slide into a lacy or strap oh g string by myself. Usually silky and sometimes frilly. Get out the magic wand or anal toy and pretend I’m a lil sissy slut who needs cummies.


    i have the addiction too…..thongs are so hot:)


    I love to wear and cam but with Covid and wife around all the time, I get little chance. Late at night sometimes if she goes to bed early.


    i have had a panty addiction since about 12 or 13, started wearing only panties when i was in my 30s, have a drawer full now, perhaps 100 pair, gstrings to full granny panties


    Panty addiction started later in life.Love wearing ,jacking off with my wife’s.Love having others cum to them.


    Oh my Lord, I just adore satin panties. The feel of them stretching across my hard cock is amazing. Having a guy lick my panties is a thrill that never diminishes.


    Don’t know what I’d do without all my gurlie panties !


    i am totally addicted to lingerie , and mainly panties , i love the sweet sensation of wearing them … I also love to go shopping and buy lingerie in a store surrounded by women …

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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