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    Shaved arms, under arms, legs, sack, crack and back….not that I was that hairy anyway. I also shape my eyebrows.
    I love the smooth feeling under clothes or stockings.


    I have always shaved around my private parts, penis, anal hole etc!


    Since 30 years with razor. My penis and balls. That feels and looking so good without hair.


    Hey I wax as well. No better way to do it. I go knees to navel and then just use a razor to kinda blend. My esthetician is awesome. She is like a kink person and and is fascinated that I’m straight and married and wear lingerie and get pegged.


    I only have hair on my head. I hate, hate, hate hair anyplace else, smooth and silky is the only way a gurl should be.
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    Love the feeling of being smooth and silky after shaving off all the hair around my cock and balls. Always found that it’s great immediately afterwards and for a day but then I get a lot of spots that can be a bit itchy for a couple of days after that.

    After a bit of searching I bought some hair removal cream.

    Tried a patch test immediately above my cock, left it on ten minutes and wiped away to silky perfection. A week later and no spots, itching or redness. Hair is just starting to appear but is finer and less coarse than after shaving.

    The whole lot is getting done later and I am so excited I can hardly wait. Even bought myself a new black lace g-string to celebrate!


    Estar sin vello es lo mejor sin duda, pero cuando sos marica de armario no te puedes depilar totalmente, porque tu mujer sospecharía.


    Shaving, although a tad risky,
    Provides that great smooth feeling when in contact with tights, etc. love the feeling of fresh air blowing between the legs.

    Need the floor mirror to check all done, though! Nice to know so many enjoy it too.


    I shave from my belly button down to the tips of my toes, Also under my arms, and my head. Wet razor.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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