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    1. Hello Nick , I see you wrote to me a long time ago I apologize for no response hopefully this will find you I would love to chat with you

  1. I love come so much , its perfect when wanking each other and kissing then saying in a camp Gay shouting your going to come. To have his mouth totally held securely by your hands. As your legs lift unconscious uselessly as your come shoots so much both not wanting to let out and a hoping fast powerful shots held throat clear and minimum gag worries that lift of hands you see eyes open. Both in this stage into years and eventually decades of come perfection. Seeing your cock, lose weight, as every time on que a loud air gasp as white thick come gloops stick to top of mouth and teeth are about to be licked by you both as a come kiss that exclusively A Gay HIGH and un described heaven that if selfish swallowing happens then upset is normal. Many times a week of built up to both lovingly also most women to swallowing come. I love saying I easily could have a pint every day in one . women have the exclusive non return after waking having knickers on choosing that reliving a dry come damm when taken slowly off clitt that a push when wet natural dry expansion that dry come gives all day pulling a feeling of the more the better. Come is heaven

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