69 thoughts on “Random pics of guys wearing woman’s panties

  1. I love girls panties. I like wearing girls panties. I like looking at men in girl panties. I would like to me a guy in girl panties

    1. Hey guy’s. I got new panties to show you. So who would like to see them and would love to meet up and show off panties parity

      1. If we lived close by I would love to show you mine only problem when I look at men in panties I get so horny and want to do more than just look

    2. Hi I do love ? the sensual feeling of satin or silk from my panties against my skin.. it makes me so horny

      1. Talking about panties and makes my dick hard my dick is 4 inches round almost 7 inches long and think squeezing into panties hot sexy can it get

  2. I LOVE women’s panties! I love to see Dickson in panties. Dicks look way better in panties than in any other type on underwear. I would love to meet face to face another guy who is wearing panties when we meet.

  3. I love my red panties and yellow lace singlet and red lace dress and pink panties wear them around the house and snd I sleep in them. I love my 7 inch butt plug inside me .love to squeeze my arse cheeks to feel the fullness of my arse being filled and penetrated. It a great feeling.

    1. Hi I love wearing my girls panties then go cruising for men feels good to have men touch me and I like to be a slut

        1. I am a 79 year old XD and very submissive. Want to trade nude/panty photos? (978) 409. 8564

  4. I’m a guy who loves wearing woman sexy and silky bikini panties. I love the way they look and feel on my cock and ass.I would like to have the women who wants someone to model and have great. Sex together and then you can do what you want to me.

  5. Wow, thanks for the pics – I’m straight, but get very aroused seeing guys wearing tight panties – perhaps I’m not so straight – who cares, I’ve no hang ups about my sexuality.
    BTW I always wear girls panties.

    1. I concur I love wearing woman’s panties and thongs ,but I’m not sure if that makes me big or what whatever , they feel amazing on my junk…

  6. Like to know where Darren goes cruising. We could drop our jeans, ogle each other’s knickers and get stuck in LOL.

  7. love to wear stockings and suspenders with silky panties,
    love the feel.
    would love to meet other guys with the same interest.
    have pics if interested.

  8. Love wearing and being seen wearing panties. Have met some hot guy models at “Model for romance stories”, sessions. Most guys there wore sexy pretty panties and believe me they were seen by a lot of guests. This one guy I met in and 2005vwas a firefighter. He had the most Awesome body of them all and he loved being seen wearing pretty sexy panties. Best thing I ever saw and he was a woman’s man but didn’t mind being seen and talked to people that loved see him model his panties. The photographers got some really good shots of his hard on in those panties and after 4 incredible looking ladies who could have been models went up and were feeling him with their hands and mouths they got some excellent shots of his cock pumping out cum onto his panties. Girls were sucking it and licking it off his panty front when an wont say name, book author pushed her way through front of line and took his still shooting dick and shoved it in her mouth. Best thing I ever saw.

  9. I Love to wear Bodyforce white panties they use to be LOVE PAT panties very thin microfiber panties that when wearing them I immediately got a real hard hard on then I would go driving around just wearing them in the car and find a private place out in the country and drop my jean shorts and masturbate in them what a rush they were high cuts I always like high cuts You men try the bodyforce white panties and you will see what I mean what a rush you will get they are the best Pantie to wear all of the time go out in the country with just them on and see what happens feels so exciting Like I said what a Rush you will receive good luck !!

  10. I love wearing tight thong panties and showing off my ass. I’m sure someone else does too !!!!

  11. There’s nothing sexier than a nice cock bulging in some sexy panties! Limp or hard, it doesn’t matter! Panty bulge drives me absolutely crazy! I love to slowly tease a nice cock with my finger tips through the fabric of some sexy panties. Watching and feeling it growing harder and harder in the pretty panties! Then slowly pull the pretty panties down and sensually suck the hard, throbbing cock dry! Over and over again and again all long!!!!!

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