There is never too much of hot crossdressing guys who looks so sexy as those below.

Enjoy 42 photos of beautiful crossdressers posing in lingerie, skirts, dresses or nude. All of them are amateurs and all of them are so HOT!

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Originally posted onNovember 1, 2015 @ 12:11 pm


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  1. i was a bit skeptical when i read the title. of course i know that there ARE beautiful dressers, but WOW!! i would be honored, and horny as hell, to take ANY of these ladies out on a night on the town, and then a day in the bed!!

  2. I love to cross dress and would love to take one of these women as a date or lover . I am looking for someone who can help me in my transformation and to have fun with. Any takers?

  3. All are beautiful! Especially beautiful! Crossdressers are the most beautiful! Still do not know those who do not know the world crossdresser the infinite beauty that there is in that universe of men transformed into women!

  4. Gorgeous cocks and cute outfits to !! I just got in the mood for anal !! Text Jeffrey at 262.716.9913 anytime !! Also …. do a search here for “Jeffrey” dozens of selfies I hope you enjoy !

  5. Sorry, but #38 – redhead in maid’s uniform, seamed stockings and black pumps at the bottom of a staircase is NOT a crossdresser. SHE is genetically female, unaltered. She is a lingerie model, specializing in vintage underware: bras, full-bottom panties, girdles, full and half slips, stockings – either FF Seamed or RHT, negligees, nighties and babydolls, bedroom mules and stiletto pumps. Retired about a year ago.

  6. Beautiful girls great cocks love to suck them dicks l have not crossdress in my life but always on my mind

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