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    That’s one of my fantasies to to go out somewhere and get drunk and have a couple guys lead me out somewhere then grab me and hold me down rip my little panties off and start rapping me over and over again till they are done using my little hole as a cum dump making me beg them to stop and take pictures of me while they do it


    I have similar fantasies 💋


    My fantasy is to be gangfucked by many BBCs in a row in my f***ing hole.
    Other fantasy has to sex with sensitive emotions with my lovely partner.


    Going to a lingerie shop, choosing some soft feminine lingerie , trying on lingerie in the fitting room. The sales assistant is a mature woman who advises me and comes from time to time to see how the lingerie fits me.


    That’s a tough one If I had my choice It would be a rendezvous With a stranger But had no ties back to me or my job And play Like I am a woman And seduce me And see me in my Beautiful Panties and bra And tell me how elegant I am Where he would be the man and I would be the woman A submissive one at that Nothing to Painful or excruciating But I would want my first time To be with a gentle soul To see me as A delicate flower Instead of a piece of Meat …


    Sit in my car wearing bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt playing slowly with my cock. Then being approached by a young guy who joins me in the car, takes my cock in his hand, then as I get hard leans over and sucks me. After I cum I return the favour, wanking his cock finishing off by sucking him until he cums in my mouth.


    My fantasy, to find a lingerie wearing sissy like me, meet up for fashion show, take pics and play


    To meet up with another lingerie sissy, have a fashion show, take pics and vids and do some playing

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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