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    I started wearing panties when I was 12. By highschool it was normal. Hated boys jocks. I crossed dressed at home. So it was something I brought up when we were dating.
    My wife was okay with it. I told her that it wasn’t an occasional thing…I wore panties all the time.
    Later I told her I liked to wear girl’s clothes at home…and sometimes even out. Shorts and tops. She was unsure about that, but okay with me “femming” at home.
    It became normal.


    I am married wife dose not know i am crossdresser faggot


    married xdresser here, mrs is ok with it. Love to wear stockings and heels with a mini and lace panties Would love to chat with similar guys and swap pics and tips.


    For those of you married guys like me that are happily married and their wives are (somewhat) supportive, how did you get your wife to kind of “get into” with you? I have always been open and honest about my underwear kink (which later turned into lingerie kink) and she’s fine but thinks it’s weird but She’s fine with it kinda thing. My thing is I want to get my butt fucked (I call my hole my pussy which she also ignores) like bad. I play with plugs and toys and she has pegged me once but I can’t even bring it up anymore. She even admitted it was fun and intimate. Couldn’t sleep last night (cause I slept in new randy sissy panties) but fantasized about her being ready with the strap on and me coming out of the closet with my black jock strap and black thigh highs on and she saying to me, “if you are going to dress like a slut you are going to get fucked like a slut” and then she pushes me to my knees and makes me suck her cock, and then gives me the deep dicking I need. I woke up convinced I could sell her one the idea but then realized I’m totally fooling myself. I’m a straight guy who has been married for 20 years and I have waist down crossdressed for 30 years and she knows and we are so happy but there is just this one piece for me. I know it’s selfish.
    She’s not into it and I don’t know what to do and don’t want to hurt her. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Sam SammySam Sammy

    I wear panties every day. My wife knows and is ok with it. She even likes so of my panties. We’re going to get matching panties and a strap on. She’s willing to give it a try she knows I love ass play.


    Hello all. I am a mature married guy who likes to dress on cam in stockings, garters, thong and lingerie. Love to chat with guys and cam when I can. Like to role play and let guys jerk off if they like. I use skype when i cam usually. Look me up and let’s chat. I have pics and vids if you like. Would love to be used by several guys.

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    Me but i gotta hide it … but that’s ok..


    Hey baby hit me up


    I brought it up before we were even married…when we we talking about intimate stuff. I showed her my panty drawer…I had no men’s stuff at all. She thought it a bit strange at first but began to ask me “What are you wearing today?” After a while she asked me if I was going to dress in my femmy stuff since she hadn’t yet seen me do so. First time it was like…”Okaaaaayyy.” But she got used to it and then she was okay. It was my little kinky thing.
    She didn’t mind me dressing around home but wasn’t too keen in me wearing it out.
    By the time we actually married she was fine with it. And she did by lingerie and panties for me for my birthday or Christmas.
    But she did love my shaved legs and cock and balls.


    Have been married a long time and about ten years ago I told her about my love of nylon underwear. I bought some mens nylon jockeys but they just didn’t feel right so I went and got the womens panties that I really wanted all along. Needless to say she hates it but I’ve been wearing them daily ever sense. She knows nothing about my secret dress up times in my slips and other fun things though lol .


    I’d love to cam with other cds!
    Hit me up on Skype if you’re interested.


    My wife loves it, she slips a hand down the back of my jeans most days to see what panties I have on. She has bought me loads from Shein, including my zip front PU dress and thigh high boots. she has suggested that spanking could be thing. I’ve never really fancied it but thought why not try. Tied to bed dressed whilst being flogged is amazing. she can go as hard as she wants and it feels great. We are both surprised she also likes it. Tried chastity and a magic wand that did not end well stay away from amazon cheap metal cages.


    girlfriend but we live together same thing she shops for me. it took her a few years to figure out my tastes lol


    I’m married, in the closet, and have been dressing fully for 20+ years. Started out pre-video days when I came across a tranny-fuck magazine and found myself really turned on by the thought of women with cocks. After years of tranny-chasing, found myself drifting to the femme side of things.

    My wife does not know and I prefer it that way because there is an invigorating thrill to having a secret femme side and trying to satisfy it.

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