Enjoy some random pics of guys (both crossdresser and sissies) wearing girly panties, stockings, heels or corset. All of them looks damn hot!




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Originally posted onJuly 7, 2017 @ 1:17 am


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  1. They are so much bigger than my tiny citty, I will volunteer to be the cum dump because I belong in panties and desire to be humiliated.

    1. I’m with you baby suck my pussy fill it full of cum with that big hard cock till it cums oh pleezzz make me cum all overmy panties cum all over my panties baby I’m gonna cum I’m that hot FUCKING cunt of yours you little sissy panty whore just the way we like it baby hard fast stiff competition hot baby hot I hope all you little sluts reading this are coming right now cuz I am going to fill my panties full of cum till it drips through the crotch of my panties

  2. All those pretty blue panties almost to Licious looking cocks but all those Blues panties just love them those cocks are beautiful addition for decoration would love to suck every one of them and see how much, cum i can get out of them can a Sissy’s fantasize I love cocks in beautiful panties in lingerie

  3. Looking at those hard cocks in panties made my little clitty excited and my tongue hard, my mouth water. Would love to service all of them. Mmmmmmmmmmm

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