Jennifer Love: Some recent photos I took while my wife was away. Let’s just say I did not waste that opportunity to wear lingerie all the time.



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    14 thoughts on “Jennifer Love

      1. Ooh, you make me hard when you talk like that. OK, you can do that. How about Tuesday!

        And how about if first we rub our penises together. Your pre-cum making mine all slippery, and me doing the same to yours.

      1. Those are mine, all selected for their “E” factor -when I pick them up in the store do I start to get an erection. She mostly has simple, practical briefs. Still, it”s fun wearing those sometimes. Like right now. Just nylon waist-high pale pink, but I love how my erect penis looks pushing out the front, strething the fabric.

        But my most exciting time is when I can get a quick secret peek into the panty drawer of relatives or friends. Always interesting to see what those gals (or their daughters) have.. Sometimes the sexiest things that I call ‘slutware.’ Later when I see them again I can speculate which they might be wearing.

    1. I’d love to rub our cocks together wearing some slutty sexy panties until we pop then we can take turns licking up our messes…get ahold of me Jennifer I’m always down for some panty play

      1. Your idea of rubbing our panties together is so hot. Have you ever seen some of the drawings at Prissy’s Sissies? That site is limited unless you join but a search will fid other sites with an extensive collection. They are cute and wonderful. I trsometimes get off just imagining i’m one of the sissies. Let me know if you find it interesting.

    2. Also I’m under as SissyPantyTease… My wife loves that I wear panties we shop for them together the only thing she doesn’t know about is my want/need to fuck and suck pantyboys CDs and Sissies also women who have a deep licking of sexy lingerie and under things seriously hit me up TTYL I hope

    3. Ooo, Dave, that does sound delicious. Before I married aND was living alone I was totally into lingerie, even to the point of going out as Jennifer . I’d sometimes drive over to another CD”s apartment and put on a show for him of my latest additions to my collection. I loved sucking his married cock. One time I was in front of him all dressed up, wig ald all, with his penis in my mouth while he was on the phone with his wife.I just kept sucking, he kept talking, until finally he had to put the phone down and cover it as he moaned and filled my mouth with his cum. It was wonderful, and I loved that he was willing to cheat on his wife with me. Even while he was talking to her. Mmm those were the days.

    4. Dave, I can’t do FB, we both use one account. Have to settle for messaging here unless there is some way to do private emails.

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