Krissy Love: I need whats left of any of my manhood totally destroyed and fucked out of me….PLEASE

I am a Sissy Cock-Whore, Cum-Slut Faggot….I crave exposure, Big Hard COCKS, rough deep ANAL from Big strong ALPHA MEN. Please contact me ar krissy…..i am for real and i want every ounce of any manhood that I had to be completey destroyed and ruined

Looking for a real change….its time

I have finally made the decision to become the gurl I have always known I am. I am married and have been an in the closet Sissy Crossdresser that craves dominant men for as long as i can remember. I have finally come to the realization that this will never go away. So am finally going to embrace it. I am looking for an older well hung, dominant, kinky man to change my entire life and feminize and train me to be the sexiest gurl I can be. I would eventually leave my wife for this new life..


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