Pantylover79: Love wearing panties and really being seen in public in a town or place I’m not known . If I’m not known I will go out to sexy clubs wearing short shorts were Sexy, Pretty Panties on under them. When I sit the legs are short and loose and panties show to anyone looking. I’ve had more sexy beautiful women come up to me and love the view. I’d love this tune around o be a sexy women very athletic build to have a panty wearing guy or shemale honey to play with my panty covered cock right in club as far as they both dared and have me ready to blast my full cum filled balls and cock for all to see all over my panties and the panties of people next to me. And Dare me to take off the shorts in the club and sit there in my sexy Panties with my hazard cock showing down the front panel of panties.


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11 thoughts on “Pantylover79

  1. Looks see some photos of your panty wearing first, include your face and I got a couple that were taken his January tHat have my face. I’m a

  2. I would love to be the guy or she male sucking you off in the open sexyclub while your panties show to all the people in there.and you shoot your cum and into you Panties and my mouth

  3. Sexymac, send me some photos of you with panties and face. Will cum to that and send you some photos of my cum stained panties for you to cum to. As long as you send me photos of you Cummings in your panties.

  4. Jamar, Sexymac,: love what you wrote. Stay in touch and let’s exchange panty photos real quick. Tell me about both you all

  5. Love hearing so many people liked looking at me in my panties and want to suck me off and swallow all my cum. Would really like to see some photos of you’all cumming in your panties.

  6. I’d fuck a girl in panties and let a guy or girl suck my cock on open stage as long as my panties covered cock was visible to anyone looking

  7. If I was in my panties in sex club just sitting there having a drink I’d want to have someone masterbate me and let the entire club know I am cumming in my panties and whoever wants Girl or Girls or a guy suck my dick while I shoot my cum 5-6 feet in the air, and have the sexy girls around me cumming when I cum

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