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I love the feeling i have when i put on a pair of hott naughty panties!
I feel amazingly sexy regardless of how i look as a man wearing womens panties bcz in my body as well as my miNd all i feel is a part of me who js wishes and even begs she could come out and completely release her feminine side which i believe is greater than my masculine side!
i’m definitely in touch with that part of me and feel so comfortable with my femininity ….
“if only people could understand and except that”



hot shemale slut




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Originally posted onJune 2, 2016 @ 10:10 am

1 thought on “Photos of Cumfuckmyass and Veronica

  1. Well i think yu are very sexy in those baby blue oanties … I would love to see you from behind while i bend you over and rub my 9″ rock hard dick softly all over you smooth ass as i spread your cheeks apart and feel the intense heat coming from you hot wet horny asshole just i slide myself inside you ever so slowly until all of me is inside of you than start to thrust back and forth a little faster with every forward push of my hips feeling you wrap yourself around me so tight as you begin to relax and take it all in comfortably and before you know it i will hear the sound of your voice begging me to fuck you harder all up to that very moment we both release ourselves from the extreme pleasure your tight virgin asshole and my solid hard dick have givin eachother …

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