Pics of our readers: Mahnaz, Cheilla and Samanthasissy

Some new awesome photos was uploaded by users of!

This time, take a look at new pics uploaded by Mahnaz, hardcore pics of sexy Cheilla and kinky pics of Samanthasissy

Mahnaz is dressed in impressive bra and a corset.

He wrote:

My size bra 46 /105



Cheilla is a crazy sexy guy who uploaded a few of his naughty photos.

Watch him dressed in sexy string panties, stockings, mini skirt and playing with some impressive toys. No doubts she’s our covergirl!

He wrote:

Hello everyone.
I love to been seeing like this
If you guys want to have more pictures contact me.
I’ll be glad to send that.


There’s also some new pics uploaded by Samathasissy. Watch him posing in panties, bras and stockings, also nude.

He wrote:

im a dirty str8 sissy for u to expose n humiliate 07901927214


Some great photos guys! Thanks for them and be sure to upload more!


If you liked the pics of  any crossdressers above – leave a comment below. It will encourage them to upload more photos.

Do you have any requests? Post them in the comment.


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Upload your photos

Originally posted onSeptember 20, 2015 @ 10:42 pm

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