5 thoughts on “40 random pictures of crossdressers in lingerie

  1. I have a secret…
    I was introduced to cross dressing at a very young age…The feeling of sliding on a pair of lace top thigh stokings n then q thong and a cami while your lady is watching u.The joy of just bieng able to enjoy your fetish.

  2. We all know howit feels to be able to enjoy the process of becoming the sexy lip Slut that we truly are . I know that when I was talked into going with it Halloweens night dressed up lol ieva Slut..mini skirt lace top blk sheer stockings bok strapped four inch heels black lace n silk panties n matching lace n silk bustier white dress shirt tied at the stomach brown wig n the skin tight mini skirt mm nails are sexy deep red as is my lips..I was on cloud nine me n my lady both dressed as sluts.. I st the preparation to get were I wanted .I was practically having a hard on all most all night..

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