Heather Jones – pics of pretty blonde

Heather Jones:

Long time crossdresser. Love satin. Pantyhose and high heels. Always dreaming of sexy playtime with another CD


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3 thoughts on “Heather Jones – pics of pretty blonde

  1. OMG!! You are so unbelievably sexy and feminine Heather!! I would absolutely love to crossdress with you and play together! I would be in heaven as we get all pretty and girly, and after explore and teaee our feminized bodies as we passionately make love!! Please post lots more baby, and maybe with some more of your sexy feet and cock?? Love to chat and get to know you to. My email is SissyToes88@gmail.com. Please email me so we can chat and swap sexy sissy pictures!! Kisses to you beautiful, muah!! XOXO!! 🙂

  2. All that practice has paid off, you look absolutely amazing dressed! But undressed you make me ache. Super sexy body and that cock makes me drool! Stop dreaming, let me know where and when we can do playtime?

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