Photos of crossdressguy, Joel and Juani

We want to present you today another good pics uploaded by users of the CDress club

This voluptuous crossdressguys are this time: crossdressguy, Joel and Juani.
Enjoy their selfies posing in sexy knickers, suspenders, bra, stockings and other parts of female lingerie.
Hi, im latin crossdresser guy and love play in lingerie… i hope you like my photos.
Enjoy really great photos of him posing in smoking hot lingerie and looking amazing!


juani sent only two photos dressed as regular housewife… with cock under her dress…

Juani wrote:

Hello I’m juani and love wearing female dresses
In summer is very confortable wearing these dresses without panties




And there’s also only one photo sent by Joel posing in panties

He wrote:

I’ve got more, anyone like?




As usual, thanks to you guys for uploaded pics, it’s thanks to you is just fantastic! 🙂
And, as usual, look forward to more!

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Upload your photos

Originally posted onJuly 16, 2015 @ 7:02 pm

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